Reverting Back to r1

How do I go back to XOJO r1?

Install R1 and run. But, why?

You can even install both in parallel.

I think the issues I am having with my code are related to the new release. Everything was working just fine before i loaded r2 this morning.

FWIW, my project loaded and ran just fine in r2.

What issues are you having?

I am getting windows showing up that shouldn’t be. I tries the Window.Visible=false but that didn’t do anything to help. When I hide the unwated window via code the screen goes blank and I have to exit the program. I tracked the code through and it seems to be just fine until it gets to the end of the routine and then the screen goes away.

OSX ou MS-Windows? Can you make a small sample to show it for us?

The Canvas.MouseScroll event does not appear to be firing in Windows when the mouse is scrolled in r2.