Reverse Mouse Scroll Direction (for OS X to Linux users)

Hi Folks,

A little tidbit that I dug up today to solve a use problem that is frustrating if you are normally working on OS X and then work on a Linux system - MOUSE SCROLL reversal.

Since Apple introduced “native scrolling”, I’ve become sort of hooked on it. However, when I move from OS X to Linux during development, the fact that Linux systems still scroll the original way trips me up. I dug around and found a simple solution - a change to your .Xmodmap file.

To change your Linux system to match the Mac’s scrolling, either edit your existing ~/.Xmodmap file or create one if it doesn’t exist. The line to change or add to an empty file is the “pointer=” line. to change the scroll direction, use the following:

pointer = 1 2 3 5 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

The change is the number order of “4” and “5”. By reversing those two numbers, you change the scroll direction. So, either edit your existing line if you already have a .Xmodmap file or create a new empty .Xmodmap file and add that line.

I can change scroll direction in Linux in System Settings Mouse

It depends on which desktop manager you use as to whether that is an option in preferences.

For many Debian GNOME-based systems, that option is not exposed.