Returning true or false from MenuHandler

Having a senior moment: can someone refresh my memory or point to the relevant section in the docs when I have to return true or false for a menu handler?

I’m working on 64bit which seems to react differently to EnableMenuEvents. “Select All” should select text when the detail controls have the focus:

[code]'select the text if the current control is an editfield or an html viewer

if self.Focus isA V4RB_EditField then
dim currentRectControl as V4RB_EditField = V4RB_EditField(self.Focus)
Return True
ElseIf self.Focus isA HTMLViewer then
Return True
end if

Return False[/code]

When I set a breakpoint in this code the debugger stops. When the detail controls don’t have the focus the listbox should react for “Select All”. When I set the breakpoint there the debugger doesn’t stop.

Return true will stop the chain

otherwise the upper lever can reply to the menu item (that’s what happen when you don’t implement the menuHandler and so you return an implicit false)

Thanks! This doesn’t seem to work on complex windows with container controls in container controls in container controls. I’ll try to reproduce this problem in an example.