returning SQLdate


Dim d As New Date dim today as string = d.SQLDate MsgBox(today)

Returns date string as “2013-08-2” however I am need the string to be “130802”

Just looking for the best way to do do this…

Thanks for any help with this

Where exactly are you seeing this 2013-08-2 with the missing 0 before the two? That would be a bad bug.

And this is a perfect SQL Date. If you need a different one, please write your own function.

Function YYMMDD(d As Date) As String
// Receive Date, return String “YYMMDD”
Return Format((d.Year mod 100)10000+d.Month100+d.Day,“000000”)
End Function

better use Str() instead of Format() here.
Format is localized.

Ok, but does not affects the function. Just math with no localization effects.

Function yymmdd(extends d as Date) As String
Return d.SQLDate.ReplaceAll("-","").Mid(3)
End Function

and it’s counter part

Sub yymmdd(extends d as date,assigns s as String)
if s.Len=6 then
dim sd as String=“20”+s.left(2)+"-"+s.Mid(3,2)+"-"+s.Right(2)
end if
End Sub

Not sure why you’d want to omit the century though. You’re going to have a year 2100 problem. (Yes, I fully expect to be around to say, “I told you so.”)