Return data from a webdialog back to a webpage

I am new to Xojo and am trying to do something that I cant get to work. I have a web application where i am in a in a weblistbox and when I select a row it does a webdialog for me to edit the row, When I save the changes I close the webdialog and I am wanting to re-update the weblistbox with the current changes but I dont see an event that fires when I come back from the webdialog. I also tried storing a text field on my first page and put and event on the field that said when changed then reload the data but it looks like in the webdialog I am not able to access the field back on the calling screen to put something in it to trigger the refresh. is there a way to do this or is there a way to pass my calling forms object to the webdialog and then use it as a reference back to the trigger field?

thanks for any help.


Try the Dismissed event for the WebDialog.

I tried that but it still did not let me update the field on the calling page. I was doing it via the webpagename.fieldname shoould I be using something like parent.fieldname?

Don’t implement the event in your WebDialog subclass. Implement it for the instance of the WebDialog on the page. Then use self.fieldname = whatever.

Sorry I am having a hard time understanding your reply.

So in the webpage calling the webdialog I have:

webpage1 action event on a button

dim x as webdialog1

webdialog1 dismissed event i have

webpage1.trigger = “1”

at that point the trigger field on webpage1 has a changed event but it never fires as it never see’s the 1 in the trigger field. I am wanting this to work so later I can also use the webdialog for looking up product data from a table and returning specific items back to the calling webpage.

got it to work. it was working all along i just did not see it.