retrieving fonts by language

I’d like to make a list of fonts supporting, for instance, Bengali or Hindi.

For instance, in MacOs, using macoslib, I use this code to get a list of Bengali or Hindi fonts.

[code]dim myFnts() as String
#if TargetMacOS
dim ns as new Cocoa.NSFontManager
dim s() as String = ns.AvailableFontFamilies

dim temp as String = “bn,”//or “hi” for Hindi; “bn” returns Bengali
dim mFnt as CoreText.CTFont
for i as Integer = 0 to UBound(s)-1
dim t as String = font(i)
mFnt = mFnt.CreateWithName(t,0.0)
if instr(mFnt.SupportedLanguages.Description, temp) > 0 then//bn,hi
myFnts.Append t
end if

Is there something similar for Windows?
Thank you.

Maybe another way to think about that is to find a function which would tell you “which system font actually contains this [Bengali or Hindi] character”.

Actually the intention is to give users a list of Bengali and a list of Hindi fonts in order to choose which one to use.


Actually I do not use plugins.
But thank you for answering.