RETRIEVE data from cookies


[the documentation on Xojo is poor of example and I have some problem…]

How I can to retrieve data stored in a cookie? (With web app)

I try to use WebRequest.GetCookie(“password”)
in open method of a webpage but I obtain an error…:
“Static reference to istance method: call this on an instance of class WebRequest”

Thank You

Ciao Marco,
you can read and set the cookies with the sessione object

An example:
You want choose a the page to show based on a cookie value (in the example on the pages there is a button to set or unset the cookie
if me.Cookies.Value(“test”)=“OK” then
end if

WebPage1.button1.caption=“Imposta/Set Cookie”

WebPage2.button1.caption=“Rimuovi/Unset Cookie”

Now if run the project you will see webPage1
If you press the button and reload the page (so you will start a new session) you will see webPage2. And so on…

Ciao Antonio, grazie!

Well, it work

[ with Session.PrepareSession valore = me.cookies.value(“IlCookieCheCercavo”) ]

Thank you very much!