Retina MBP: Unreliable.. anyone else?

I bought a new MBP with Retina to check and develop in retina, selling off my trusty White MB
Ive had this 60 days, and in that time it has stopped booting 3 times.
Ive ‘fixed’ it twice by resting PRAM and Safe Mode booting, today nothing worked except a restore which has taken most of the afternoon and left me feeling sick.

(In an attempt to save files created in the last 3 days or so, I ended up erasing some backup external drives while trying to Restore the HD to external )
That left me with one Time Machine backup , as my last refuge before losing everything.

Searching the web I find lots of people having similar trouble, and I wonder if anyone here has the same kind of issue?
Symptom is we get to the grey startup screen with apple logo, and spinning circle that never stops.

Since it works after a full restore (yay!) it feels more software than hardware. But comments welcome: I feel like I just dodged a speeding train…
(Ive just bought a second mac to go in the cupboard… Im not going to rely on one machine any more)

I’ve had this with my new MBP 15" Retina with 1 TB SSD Drive once. I was shocked like you and thought damn that’s it… but I’ve got the hint that I should wait and give the book its time to boot up… and indeed after approx 30 Min it booted up and I could login again. This happend exactly one time, since then it booted without problems…

30 minutes?
I aged 10 years today… :slight_smile:

My Fingers crossed for you… please report if you’re successful!

Working now after a full restore.
Slightly scared to power it off again, however…

Hello Jeff,

I had a problem with a MacMini Core i5, but had no solution only formatting everything, luck is all we had BKP.

I have one new Macbook Air Core i5 / 256GB ssd / 4GB Ram bought 2 months and so far everything perfect.

If its brand new (60 days old) I’d take it in to apple and have them go over it
Thats not normal

Not normal at all. I have a 15" MBP Retina and had 0 problems like that Jeff.

I had a similar problem with my non-retina iMac a few months ago - a short while after, my hard drive failed.
I would do a backup - just to be on the safe side!

Take it back! dont delay man, you’ve got a defective machine.

I have the 2012 version and she still boots from cold in less than 5 seconds.

My 2012-vintage 15" macbook retina started doing something like this a couple of months ago. It doesn’t get to the grey screen, though, it just… doesn’t start up. I have to leave it alone and not try to boot it for half an hour to an hour before it will start up again.

Jeff, I have a 2013 model and it has been rock solid as well. I did have some very slow boots but I found that the problem was that I had created a Yosemite USB bootable drive and after that the system was always looking for that drive to boot from and it took a while to time out before reverting to booting from the internal SSD drive. I had to reset the startup drive in system preferences to fix it. Not saying that this was your issue but it is likely that some setting went wonky since the restore fixed it.

You know, I am worried about the SSD inside of the rMBP. Every single Samsung disk I’ve owed, in a Samsung box, Seagate box or unknown brand box, MacBook Air, have all failed. The external drives all failed within a month of the warranty expiring, while the one in the MBA failed 6 years later. I contacted Seagate, Samsung and the unknown brand when eh drives failed out of warranty and not a single one would help me.

Now when I purchased a drive, I need to know ‘where’ it was made and by whom, we’ve actually had much better luck with some cheap ‘home’ made drives from Taiwan.

I have a Retina mid 2012 mbp. This summer the SSD started to fail and I replaced it by a Transcend JetDrive 720 SSD 960GB SATA III.
This worked well so far, except that booting had slowed down. Thanks to William James this seems to be fixed now as well!


Jeff? Are You Alive…

I have two MBPr (2012 and 2014) and never had any issues with it.

One wasn’t fast enough for ya :wink:

1TB SSD? Really? Where did you get this?

My wife has here own MBPr. :slight_smile:

build to order on apple store for high end mbp13 and mbp15
will cost you $500 or 500€ more than the normal model.