Retina Kit 3.0 for Xojo Developers with 64-Bit compatibility

Retina Kit 3.0 for Xojo Developers with 64-Bit compatibility.

Jhangle, Pingtung, Taiwan (Oct 22nd, 2015) – Ohanaware Co., Ltd. are proud to release the 3rd version of their “Retina Kit” for aiding Xojo Developers in building Retina compatible & modern applications. While Retina is only available for Cocoa targets, the Retina Kit can be used be used for x-plat development.

About Retina Kit 3.0

The Retina Kit is a collection of Xojo classes and modules that were designed to make it easier for Xojo developers to create Retina ready applications with the Xojo development tool.

The kit simplifies the process of loading and displaying Retina artwork by using the exact same APIs as an application created with Apple’s own tools. This allows a Xojo built application to enjoy the same benefits, such as loading artwork on demand and better memory management.

Version 3 of the Retina Kit is 64-Bit and 32-Bit compatible, with several optimizations under the hood.

Also included are these features:
• Fallback code for Windows and Linux, reducing the amount of platform specific code required.
• The new InterfaceKit module, aiding developers to create modern looking interfaces where possible.
• System imageName & classicIcon constants, listing possible images supplied by the Mac OS that can be used in applications.
• Tiling functions, demonstrates how to ‘tile’ an image as a window texture/background.
• NSVisualEffectView and NSLabel allow Xojo developers to adopt OS X Vibrancy (other functions are in the InterfaceKit module).
• Automatic window management on OS X.
• Enhanced demo applications, illustrating more uses for the Retina Kit and providing sample code.

Pricing and Availability

Retina Kit is available today from Ohanaware’s website. Ohanaware offer a FREE trial of the Retina Kit, it will display a nag screen when first called in a built application. The full source code is available for $99.99 (USD before taxes). Existing customers of the Retina Kit can upgrade for 75% off (please see website for more information).

The Retina Kit uses as the payment processor.

System Requirements

The Retina Kit requires Xojo 2014r2 or newer.

About Ohanaware

Since '06, Joy Sha & Sam Rowlands have been building top ten, award winning apps. Their most notable applications include Funtastic Photos, which set the benchmark for modern photo editing. HDRtist & HDRtist Pro which has over 100,000 users world wide. App Wrapper, which is the #1 third party product to help developers prepare their apps for the App Store.


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