Retina icons in SegmentedControl

I’m currently working on “retinafying” my app and I’ve run into a minor obstacle. I have a few segmented controls with icons and I can’t figure out how to add retina versions of the icons. My first idea was to set the icons for each segment in the Open event, but that doesn’t do it. They still come up in standard resolution - that is; double size for the retina icon!
Any suggestions?

You should try RetinaKit. There’s a section in the manual for it specific to “Setting a SegmentedControlItem’s icon” :slight_smile:

(other than that I have no insight sorry :frowning: )

Retina Kit makes it VERY easy!!

Decided to give Retina Kit a try. Even though I’m mainly a hobby programmer, I don’t want to spend days or weeks on a workaround if I can buy a, fairly priced, solution.