Retina display beta testers please

I’ve just updated my app for Retina graphics, the problem is I don’t have a retina Mac to test with! Typically I bought my MBP just before the retina announcement. I’ve tested using retina emulation but I’m aware that testing should also be performed on a real retina screen.

Do you have a retina Mac? Would you be willing to help me test my app on a retina screen? If so please PM me for more info.

If you happen to play an instrument too that may help as you’ll probably understand the purpose of the app better.

Thanks in advance!

Let me know if I can help you (have a Retina and a music recording studio). :slight_smile:

Have a 13 an 15 MBP retina

I have enough now, thanks everyone for your help!

Do you know that, provided you have a large enough monitor attached (1920x1600 is good), you can switch that monitor to “retina” mode? Of course, you monitor will then act like a 960x800 monitor, but at 2x resolution. To enable that mode, google for “enable retina resolution” or HiDPI.

QuickRes simply does not work and solely gives the old legacy resolutions. No HiDPI mode at all. Humbug !

Any reference to a working utility to share ?

What is QuickRes? Did you google for my search term and found a tool with that name? That’s certainly not what I meant. I meant the instructions that tell you to use either the Terminal or the Xcode tools, with “Quartz Debug”.

Thanks. It’s always nice to give a bit more specific details than “google this”, you know.

Here is the link to precise instructions I followed successfully, it now works fine in Mavericks 10.9.4 with an iMac 21.5 " 1920x1080 :

I used the 2013 set of Graphic Tools available at in “all downloads” around the third or 4th page.

This will be easier for other members, I hope.

Sorry I’m late back to the thread, been with clients.

Yup, I have tested using the HiDPI modes on the Mac using my HD screen and all looked OK to me. However I know you should never rely on that. Although you can check everything looks OK it’s the responsiveness of the UI that may change radically on a real retina display. I have a lot of custom UI elements that require painting so I wanted to ensure that everything was nice and responsive on a real retina Mac.

Indeed, we released out first Retina application, with only testing on fake Retina, it worked fine, but on a real Retina device, it ran horrendously slow!

Once I had a Retina machine, it took a couple of days only to fine tune it, but without ‘real’ Retina, I was unaware of an issue.

Took me a good while to even find a monitor on ebay of this size.
1920 seems most commonly associated with 1080 or similar

Monitors of the size above run to $400.

Is it possible to test this starting with a 1920 x 1200 screen which is a bit more affordable ?

It works on my 21.5" iMac with 1920x1080, so 1920x1200 would be more than enough. I’m getting 960x540 in HiDPI mode, you will have 960x600. Not useable, but enough for testing.