Retina and Yosemite

After installing Yosemite and running the following function (taken from the User Guide) I always get “1” instead of “2”.
#If TargetCocoa
Declare Function BackingScaleFactor Lib “AppKit” Selector “backingScaleFactor” (target As WindowPtr) As Double
Return BackingScaleFactor(Self)
Return 1

Running Mavericks I used to get “2”. Now, since my MacBook is a Retina-Display, I cannot anymore set the right pictures since I always get the pictures set for non-retina.
How to track Retina? Thanks for suggestions,

Did you remember to add NSHighResolutionCapable to you app’s info.plist?

I was so concerned with the newly installed Yosemite that I thought Xojo would return 2 testing in the IDE.
Sorry for the unecessary noise.

Doh! I filled a feedback report last summer for this feedback://showreport?report_id=34924 The User Guide is wrong and provides advice that Apple themselves tell people not to use.

Please see some of the previous forums posts on doing Retina.

The Retina Kit ( will also save you some time and effort in getting Retina right with your Xojo application. It’s currently part of the Omegabundle (