Retina and Yosemite

After installing Yosemite and running the following function (taken from the User Guide) I always get “1” instead of “2”.
#If TargetCocoa
Declare Function BackingScaleFactor Lib “AppKit” Selector “backingScaleFactor” (target As WindowPtr) As Double
Return BackingScaleFactor(Self)
Return 1

Running Mavericks I used to get “2”. Now, since my MacBook is a Retina-Display, I cannot anymore set the right pictures since I always get the pictures set for non-retina.
How to track Retina? Thanks for suggestions,

Did you remember to add NSHighResolutionCapable to you app’s info.plist?

I was so concerned with the newly installed Yosemite that I thought Xojo would return 2 testing in the IDE.
Sorry for the unecessary noise.

Doh! I filled a feedback report last summer for this <> The User Guide is wrong and provides advice that Apple themselves tell people not to use.

Please see some of the previous forums posts on doing Retina.

The Retina Kit ( will also save you some time and effort in getting Retina right with your Xojo application. It’s currently part of the Omegabundle (