Resume button disabled 2015R1

Is it just me or didn’t the big "Resume’ button on top of the IDE used to be enabled while debugging before R2015R1? (Windows)

It should only be enabled when your app is actually paused now. If it’s not, please file a bug report if you can reproduce it.

It is disabled when it stops on a breakpoint I’ve set in the code of the form Open event. So an event is seen as not paused? I can still use the little Resume arrow in the toolbar.

Nope. It isn’t just you, Alain. A Break instruction or a breakpoint in the main window’s open event does not enable the menubar’s Resume button. Go ahead and file a bug report.

Hello 2015R1.1 :slight_smile:

Not :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone seeing this is on Windows correct ?

I don’t see it on Mac.

AH try something would you all ?
Switch to another app then back to the IDE

It seems to be working fine for me on Windows 7.