Result of tiling on small screen


I’m trying to implement tiling the window with OAK. Tiling to the right works fine on my MacBook Air. Tiling to the left looks really odd:

The window as a minimum size. How is tiling supposed to work at such small screen sizes?

I need to redesign my main window. Mail hides the mailbox list:

@Beatrix_Willius This is almost comical!

It appears that the window titlebar and window content have different widths here.

  1. Are you using any declares or plugins to set [NSWindow minFullScreenContentSize:]?
  2. Does the window minimum width match either the titlebar or the window content size?

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Is tiling suppose to be implemented for you? I hadn’t noticed the feature before but when I try it with my compiled app to the right it goes behind the Dock and doesn’t hide it, but when I try it with Safari it hides the Dock. So is it a feature of the OS or a feature we have to code?

In experimenting, I found I could make a window that doesn’t have full screen capability become a tiled full screen window and boy does it NOT work well!

No, I’m not using any declares for whatever minFullScreenContentSize is.

The window size is set to the window min size from the IDE.

Tiling is implemented with OAK.

And you need to implement the Dock size yourself.

Like 500 or something…

I can’t take credit for it, all OAK does (in this case) is to tell the OS which menu is the “Window” menu, tiling is still handled by the macOS and so are the menuitems for tiling.

There are some options which can be set to the macOS not to tile on a small screen, or even not to support tiling for a certain window. Personally I don’t actually have full screen mode enabled for most of my windows as I don’t like the full screen experience, albeit I’m trying it again now that Monterey allows for the menubar to say in full screen.

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I’ve just tested to set the minimum width to 700 and the window doesn’t look good. Like I said above I need to make the mailboxes hide and the figure out how to navigate the mailboxes.

I have only full screen for the main window and the secondary window.

Forgot to ask: how do I detect that the app is tiling so that I can move the window splitters?

And another stupid question: what am I supposed to do with a tiled app? Any click just does full screen.

I don’t know of a specific way to detect if the window is tiled or not.

You could check to see if it’s in fullscreen window.fullscreen = true and then check the width to see if it appropriate to display the splitters or not.

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