Restful API on Xojo Cloud

Hi all,

Just wondering what people’s experience is using Xojo cloud hosting for a restful API?

I have a simple app that stores a received web request into a database and it takes between 2-4 seconds for each query.

Is this normal?

Not for most of the regular types of queries. If you connect with a database tool does the query still take as long?

It is normal if you are sending a couple Mb. If you are sending a few Kb or less, it is not normal for an API server but Xojo is not the fastest option for that.

I would say, make sure your app properly handles incorrect requests as well, whether that’s a 401 NOT AUTHORIZED or a 404 NOT FOUND. It could just be that some bad actor is flooding your app with bad requests to slow down your server.

Thanks all. I think I’m doing everything right and only using very small requests in the address. Is anyone across a good example project on the interwebs that I could poke around in?