REST and vimeo

Hi I want to make a web-app that will upload videos to my vimeo account, and then give me back the adresse that I can store in a db. This db will be used for streaming that video in my web-app, (video streaming from vimeo)

What is the best approach for doing things like this.

I have never done REST (I believe that is the way to use the API of vimeo, since xojo is not among vimeo’s pre-made scripts.), so I really don’t know where to begin.

Just a tip would be nice.

If you are the user (vimeo user) you can do it with basic auth, but if you app need handle data of others users (vimeo users) SHOULD NEEDS use oAuth2 workflow.

For basic auth you use URLConnection and the credentials of MyApps.

For OAuth2 you use URLConnection and NEEDS local web server with “redirect_uri” for “access token”, then you use URLConnection for send/require data.

Chilicat had an example.

I dont have vimeo example, but I had others OAuth2 workflow (google drive) and can be done with pure xojo code.

I would highly recommend looking at monkeybreadsoftware plugins.

you should be able to use MBS Curl plugin to perform rest operation
MBS Curl

chilkat plugin works for doing api calls etc as well.

oauth2 is simpler to handle than oauth1, and can easily be done with pure xojo. See also the discussion here: