Resources Folder iOS

Trying to copy files by build step.
But the files could not be found – Xojo.Core.InvalidArgumentException.
What could be the reason?
What is the path of the resouces folder?

Possibly related: <>

How are you accessing the files ?

Dim pic1 As Xojo.IO.Folderitem = Xojo.IO.SpecialFolder.GetResource("picture.png")

I do not think it is related to the case #37590 Gavin.
I do not want to create a file, I want to copy a file to the device by build step and access to it from within the app.

I use the exact same code as you posted and it works correctly in my app. I’m 99% sure there is no Xojo bug here.

No need to specifically answer all these questions, but they might help you understand what is the problem.

In the build step are you copying a file or a folder?
Are you sure your file is correctly copied ? The build step behavior is set to debug or both.
Did you specify a subdirectory in the build step ?
Did you try navigating to where your app is built, right-click and select “Show contents”. Is your file picture.png in the root directory ?

Thank you again Jeremie.
I found the problem – used same name for two files.
I had no imagination of that resources folder before.