Resources folder how hide my files

Hi everyone.
I did a build of my application for my friends so they can test it, but i don’t want the contents in the Resources folder be seen.

So i have a question:
Is it possible to somehow hide the contents of the files (mine) of the Resources folder? Does exist a simple way to do it? Which technique do u use?

Thx in advance

You can encrypt/decrypt the files or use a database. If your files are really so secret…

I would store all content you want to hide in a encrypted sqlite file and check the existence and integrity of this file while launching the program. And if you would like to make it a habit, just build a nice class to handle this all.

Do not hide files in the resources folder as this can lead to problems with code signing.

Please consider the options that others have suggested.

I’m thinking OP might be on Windows as it’s much easier to see the Resources folder on Windows. If that’s the case, there’s something called BoxedApp Packer in the Xojo Store that might be worth investigating.