Resources folder after application is compiled

I have a small question. When busy creating an application you see that all pictures used in the application are coming in the left pane where you also find your windows, methods, container controls etc. Once it is in there you can just use the name of the picture when you need it as backdrop or icon without naming the complete path to the graphics folder.
Why does the compiler make a separate folder containing all used pictures in the application? Why are the pictures not kept inside the application? Is this default behavior or do I have to set some config or switches to have these pictures inside the application.
As soon as the folder is not there, the application shows with no pictures when started.

Can somebody shine a light on this for me? Maybe my expectations are wrong, because I come out of the VB corner and VB kept all icons and pictures inside the application after it was compiled.

This seems to be a 2016r1 novelty.

On the other hand, you can add a Directory in the Navigator and place all images there and still use their names to set backdrops…

This changed in 2015r2. From the release notes:

I stopped to search in the Release Notes at 2015r4 since the op talked about that version. I certainly read too fast…

Thanks Paul.

ok, when we release a compiled program it comes with 2 subdirectories:

  1. Libs
  2. Resources

and the:

Ok, thanks, good to know

Of course, on Windows there are installers, so the user shouldn’t ever see those folders or have to deal with them :slight_smile:

Also because of the naming change you will need to use the new framework special folder to access them, or TPSpecialFolder for the old framework.

MS has pretty much always said “use an installer”

Windows 10 already has the universal runtime redistributables already installed
I’m not sure about Windows 8 and 8.1
Only older versions should require it to be installed