Resource Hacker and 64bit exe icon

Xojo gave us the possibility to compile for 64bit systems. That’s great, but there are some problems left, that don’t seem to be solved in the near future.
One of them is the lack of icon in the exe. For me this is a showstopper in terms of commercializing my software.

I’ve tried Resouce Hacker and it seems very easy to include an icon in the exe. It works smoothly afterwards.
But the question is: Will this exe be treated as a manipulated exe by the system or by the antivirus?
I’ve checked it with my own computers and antiviruses and I found no problem, but I’d like to be sure and hear the opinion of the forum experts that know much more than me.
Thanks in advance.

I expect that the system wont care, because it wont know that the icon has been modified.
The key will be to codesign it AFTER the icon change.

Virus checkers will get twitchy if it self-modifies after install, but you arent doing that.

Thanks Jeff.
Yes I will codesign the exe at the moment of creating the setup. An this is for sure after manipulating the icon.

Well, I was worried because I don’t modify the icon, in fact I add a new resource with my icon. So the change is adding a new resource, not changing it, but probably the effect is the same.