Resolved: iOS app won't run - cannot connect to debugger

I am horribly confused… this is literally my first attempt to port my Mini Pill dose recorder app for the iPhone… and I got nailed with a few errors:

1: virtual device cannot connect to the debugger.
2. IDE compilation failed.

See pic. All that is in the app are two buttons, a line of text, and a listbox.

Thanks to all who can tell me what I am doing to screw this up.

I clicked Run. Is there any way I can try to run this on my iPhone? I bought one specifically for testing my apps.

3:18 am – I deleted the app from the Simulator and went BACK to Xojo IDE and clicked Run… and now it finally runs.

FYI the boot process for the simulators … takes a while to complete. So don’t click to close if the screen is black for a while.

Figured it out and keeping this post for those of us learning for the first time - the secret trick is to click OK on the simulator and Cancel in Xojo, then DO NOT CLOSE the simulator… click and stay clicked on the app and click Remove App and then click Delete option when such shows… then go back to Xojo and click Run.

Each time you Run, before you Run, you have to delete the app from the simulator. Keep the simulator OPEN and running to avoid painfully long boot process.

I never have to delete my Simulator apps before, during or after launching. This would be a major pain.


I sometimes need to delete the app in the simulator if the app crashed on launch (using a declare) or after changing the bundle identifier.

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