Resolve "detritus" warning when Codesigning on Sierra

Hi folks,

If you’ve been following the discussions about codesigning and the detritus warning received for Xojo apps on Sierra, here’s a line that you can add to your codesigning build step:

result = DoCommand("xattr -cr " + PathToTheBuiltApp, 5000)

That will clean up the extra attributes that exist with the contents of a built app.

I haven’t followed any such discussions but wonder if I should be worried. Does this affect apps users install on Sierra or only us programmers when signing?

Only programmers when signing the app.

Or use Sam’s AppWrapper. It does all the necessary to make sure it works fine on macOS. :slight_smile:

I love App Wrapper and think that EVERY Xojo developer writing for OS X should buy it, but for this particular set of apps, there are multiple parts that are installed in a single installer package with the associated pre and post scripts. I’m working up a feature request for Sam, but for these projects, it doesn’t meet our needs.

Well thank you for the compliments Tim & Christoph.

@Tim Jones Already your project certainly sounds far more complicated that I’ve dealt with so far. I look forward to reviewing the FR and figuring out the best way to accommodate you.

For these two large apps (distinctively NOT MAS apps), we have multiple app bundles, system folder additions, launchd plist generation, folder structure configuration, and some defaults manipulation, and much of it is performed in the preflight, preinstall, preupgrade, postinstall, and postugrade scripts.

Once I can work up a sample to share with you, I’ll contact you directly.