Resolve App' s pics MacOs

Trie dto move to MacAir but when the app can’t find pics it does no tallow me to select a file and resolve by pointing to new location.
Is that a Xojo little bug?

The path after your username needs to be the same on both computers.

I have put the pics in a folder inside users/shared on Mac
In Windows in C:/Users/Public/Public Documents
The folder has the same name: namepicFolder

But the issue is that resolving image’s location in Xojo does not work on Mac (in Windows works)

How do you get the image location ?

I have made some icons. I moved my project from pc to mac, so when I load the Xojo app it cant find these icons and is showing a list of them. But cant select any to point to its new location on mac…

With ImageSet missing resources you have to go to the ImageSet in the navigator and correct each missing size. It doesn’t work the same as the classic Picture relocate system.

they are quite a lot, may be a 100!

C:/Users/Public/Public Documents …on PC

is mapping to

C:/Users/shared …on Mac?

If this is correct then as long as the pics directory is within,it should work…