Resizing window crashes app

My app crashes randomly when I change the size of the window. No error, just quits. How could I figure out what’s causing the crash? I’m using Xojo 2013r3.3 and Maverics.

Do you have a crash log? Does it look similar to a crash that posted here: ?

Yes, I have crash logs, but I don’t know what to make out of them. Looks similar to what you posted.

Also looks a lot like this: <>

Yes, the Feedback case looks like the same problem. Only reviewed. Sigh….

I removed the bottom locking of a TextArea I had in the app, no more crashes so far. Not the solution I wanted, but I guess it’s better than to wait for a real fix.

Current rank: 908th. If anyone else is affected by this bug, please give points: <>

There’s a couple more options. 1) set the windows Min width/height so the textarea never shrinks below 0. 2) manually position the textarea in Resized where you can hide it instead of shrinking it below 0. i.e., in a window something like…

[code]Control: ta As TextArea //positioned so it can shrink below 0. ONLY have left and top locked
//the code will make it act like its locked on all sides

Property: taOffsets As REALbasic.Point

Sub Open()
taOffsets = new REALbasic.Point //record positioning data
taOffsets.X = self.Width - ta.Width
taOffsets.Y = self.Height - ta.Height
End Sub

Sub Resizing()
dim w, h As integer

w = self.Width - taOffsets.X
h = self.Height - taOffsets.Y

if w < 0 or h < 0 then //hide when invalid
ta.Visible = false
else //else apply valid bounds
ta.Visible = true
ta.Width = w
ta.Height = h

End Sub

Thanks Will, but unfortunately these options do not work for me. I need to be able to make the window small sometimes and the app still crashes even if the TextArea is hidden.

I was able to reproduce the crashing and the example code fixed it. At first though I forgot to turn the textareas locks off so the autoresizing still happened and it crashed. Also list boxes and textfields and maybe other controls will crash. So if the locks are off and this is done for for all controls going < 0 then I don’t know, maybe a different bug. Or maybe stuff is nested or an initial window size is applied when opening that complicates what needs to be manually managed.