Resizing whole app

I am a little bit confused about how to make an app resizable. Do I have to resize all the textfields, labels and buttons by code or is there another way of resizing the whole content of the app when changing the width and heights of the main window?

There’s a “Locking” section on each control’s inspector pane. It controls which side(s) of the control are “locked” when the window is resized. By default control are locked to the top and left.

You have to scale the controls and content yourself. Also, depending on your XOJO version you could use something like rubber views, an addon, which can do this automatically. Search forum for rubber views for more details. As Andrew points out locking will move controls, but not resize them (not all anyway).

+1 for RubberViews

Thank you, @Paul Budd and @LangueR . I tried the demo of RubberView. It does exactly what I want. Now I have to figure out if I want to spend 149 bucks for my hobby project :wink: