Resizing web dialog not working

I have a web dialog and have set the controls to automatically size but when I set the width and height of the dialog the controls are not resized. Also I want the dialog to be 90% of the width and 90% of the height of the browser but can’t see a way to do this.

Possibly related to this?
<> : WebDialog Resized Event only fires once is still reproducible.

My thought is that you are resizing it, but because Resized only fires once on WebDialogs the controls aren’t being told to resize. I could be wrong, as I have already been wrong today due to lack of energy drinks.

As for 90% you can use percentage based sizing in HTML, but I am not sure if Xojo does anything that obstructs that. Would require testing.

Thanks, you will be pleased to know that you are right about this one so the lack of energy drinks is not effecting you :wink: Hmm that is a real pain, will have to rethink my app. :frowning:

AFAIK Xojo imposes very strict control of size. In RubberViewsWE I had to do some voodoo around that.

Nathan : try a palette dialog. If I remember right, it does not have the width and height issue.

I also have a solution in WebStudio - the ResizeWatcher will force a Resized event on an object when you change the size of whatever you attach it to.

This works well with a modal dialog :

dim m as new modal1 m.width = self.width*0.9 m.height = self.height * 0.9 m.left = self.width * 0.05 = self.height * 0.05