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Must have been a long while ago I bought a Module that resized all the controls proportionally which has been working fine but now a customer is reporting an error on the Windows side when the App opens as the Module is locked and I have changed machines several times I don’t know who I bought it from… Anyone have an idea who that could be?

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I did not even know such a product existed. If the publisher no longer supports it, with an encrypted class, you are probably out of luck.

It is not RubberViews, which comes as full unencrypted source code.

Note that it is currently available as part of the Omegabundle deal at

It is also available on the site, and fully maintained.

Cheers, Michel Bujardet


It turns out the coder I was chasing was Christian from Pariahware. I think a few on the list have chased this before, does anyone have the unlock key?

I cannot believe that a developer would ask in this forum for pirate code.

Pariahware is still here. Get in touch with them.

Let’s tag @Christian_Miller .

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Each user had a unique code, or they could purchase the unlocked version. @Martin_Fitzgibbons write me at christian at pariahware dot com and I’ll look at sending you the unlocked version.


Why must the first position be one of moral high ground and call me out as a thieving pirate when I have been on the forum for so long.
Why wouldn’t you think I have researched Pariahware and found that Christian had moved on to some extent from supporting the code which was mentioned in a previous post and that Christian had supplied them with a module encryption unlock key.
I did state that I purchased the code most likely 10 years ago and that one of my customers was having trouble on the Windows side so all I was asking was, if the Resizer Developer was no longer supporting the code could I have the encryption key to explore what might be causing the issue myself (which would be a limited exploration given my programming skills).
My next stop was going to be to purchase Rubber Windows as per your suggestion… hmmm let me think about that…
Anyway as per usual thank you for your comments Michel

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Moral high ground ? I simply call that ethics.

Ok Ethics, I still don’t see why you had to call me out on it like that’s what I do all the time or intended :frowning:

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Read the original question.

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Exactly Emile, I bought the code so I don’t see why I am being called a pirate ?

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If you bought the encrypted class, it is not the same as buying the code.

Enough with this senseless discussion.