Resized WebPicture from URL


I’ve tried several possibilities for showing in a WebApplication pictures transmitted by an IOS device and stored on the server but got speed issues.

What I’m doing actually :
1- GetFolderItem (picture)
2- Make a WebPicture out of the FolderItem : WebPicture(FolderItem)
3- DrawPicture in a canvas : g.DrawPicture(WebPicture,0,0, desired width, desired height)

It is very slow and I understand that the hole picture has to be downloaded.

I tried replacing the WebCanvas by a WebImageView and getting the picture using and URL. It is very fast BUT can’t find out how to get the picture size I need.

Any clue?


The answer in both cases is to make a new picture at the size you want and send that to the browser.

Thanks Greg. Just to make sure I get it right, do you mean that we should make copies of the pictures at desired sizes on the server so we can charge and draw them directly as WebPictures ?