Resize a desktoplistbox columns by percentage of width

Can you set column width in a desktoplistbox programatically? I would like to resize let’s say for example 3 columns by a % of the width of the desktoplistbox.

col1 col2 col3
10% 70% 20% (of the desktoplistbox overall width)

Is this possible? Or are my options just equal width dynamic and static width via the editor?
I don’t want my users to need to resize the columns everytime they open it or have a bad looking column width to begin with. Thank you!

You can specify percentage based column widths all at once with the ColumnWidths property. ColumnWidths can be set at runtime in code if desired.

But yes, you can also set an individual column’s width. Each column can be accessed as an object to have properties set.


This looks like what I wanted thanks Tim!