Resizable Rectangle

Hi All,

I want to create many rectangles on a canvas , and as I drag I want to see the outline of the rectangle, on mouse up I want the rectangle to be displayed on the canvas with a fill color. The canvas already has a backdrop. So when I draw the second rectangle, I want the first rectangle and the backdrop to be present(I mean save the previous picture).

Next , after the rectangles are drawn, when i click on the already drawn rectangle, I should be able to resize it ( either make it big or small) , when clicked on the down rightmost corner or top leftmost corner.

Any help is appreciated .Thanks in advance


Xojo comes with a lot of example projects, have a look at them, especially the Canvas Drag Rect example and the Canvas Draw Drag example.

I would also strongly recommend the SuperDraw article in xDev 12.5

I agree with Markus.
The superdraw example gives you exactly this, and a lot more besides

Its quite old now, and may struggle to be opened, but:

Use the superdraw new.rb file
Add a UTI before running it.
Click the new rectangle button.
Then try resizing it.

Hi Markus,Jeff

Thanks for all the help. This is exactly what I needed.

Thanks & Regards