Reset item font to system font/size

I’m creating a Desktop app (Win, Mac, Linux). There is a textarea the user can change the font type and font size. In case he presses the Reset button I would like to reset the textarea to the OS specific system settings (font type/size).

On going through Xojo’s documentation I couldn’t find anything about setting a font = system.font except for iOS:

MyTextArea.FontName = iOSFont.SystemFont(14)

But I’m looking for such/similar a function for Desktop applications. Tbh I even don’t care the the OS specific default font name/size, I just want to set it back to it. Of course if there is no such function I have to set it the hardcoded way what I try to avoid.

Do you know any function I can use to reset a font by system.font?

For Size, use 0 (zero). For Face, use “System”.

MyTextArea.TextFont = "System" MyTextArea.TextSize = 0

Wow, fast and precise! Thank you and Happy Easter!!!

Happy to help! Happy Easter.