Request: XOJO 2019 R2.1 better transitional mode

It’s clear for me that we need a transitional mode for Xojo language 1.0 to Xojo language 2.0. The everything or nothing current model will hurt Xojo.
We need that syntax 1.0 can still be supported for a while while people are transitioning the code and Xojo is maturing the transitional IDE. Even Xojo is not converting to syntax 2.0, so users can’t be forced to it while they don’t eat their own dog food, and enhancing to transition tools, messages, error and warning filters, mixed event errors and conversions, etc. And the system must be very careful not allowing the user accidentally save a project in some not revertible form. I’m all for “API 2.0”, but I, as all the current user base, need to support the current projects that are kind of impossible of being converted right now without weeks of work and introducing many new bugs.

That’s not what we said. For us, only existing code will continue to use api 1. All new code will be API 2.

Ok then. I would like to convert to API2, but if we are locked in the API 1.0 for old projects, we also want this, API 1 support for old code. The API 1 support for 2019 R2+ currently is broken. The IDE must have a behavior differentiation saved in the project, mode 1, 2, or mixed. Mode 1 autocompletes with syntax 1.0, hide api2 warnings; mode 2 autocompletes with syntax 2.0, show syntax 1.0 warnings; and mixed mode try to handle both modes in a mixed code while you are trying to convert old code, autocompletes both, warns deprecation, help to solve event mess and clashing code. Mixed code mode is used while doing incremental code upgrades.

Here is the Feature Request for such a per project option/switch: <>
If that’s a good idea and a benefit for your workflow and productivity, too - then please add your needs (such as you’ve explained above) to it with “Add Info”. And/or add points of your “Top Cases” to it and in that way let Xojo know that having such means is important to not just a handful of Developers…

We’re in a similar situation. We (at some time in future, maybe soon - dunno yet) want to/need/should start using 2019r2+ (first for just some tests, internal Betas - start preparing possible changes needed, …) while the productive builds need still be done with pre 2019r2 (until everything is ready to switch to a newer Framework somewhen). And without being able to save in 2019r2 (since that gives a huge pile of diff’s to review…) that’s not very productive right now… And depending on project and situation, we would also need to either “just use API 1” (for a while), somewhen be in a “mixed mode” (when starting to move towards API 2), until somewhen the project is ready to be worked at in a API 2 only manner.
The IDE could/should assist in such a transition, allowing a productive workflow.

That’s the reason for <>. One other aspect of ours is <>. So… let Xojo know in Feedback what you need - maybe by adding your needs to these existing requests and/or create new ones for other aspects of yours.

I had commented the case 56856 with the part of the problems forecast when we discussed in the beta channel at that time. The 57885 is being ranked up. I hope more people put few more points on it.