Request uploading image from file.

It appears one can only upload an image from a url and not from a file. When I ask fo help it would be nice to be able to take a snapshot of the problem and upload it with the post.

That is a true statement… in order for a webpage (such as this forum) to display ANYTHING (including images), that information must reside somewhere on the internet. The forum page will then link to that URL. If you don’t have your own domain, I’m sure there are other locations to host an image. I’m sure Xojo doesn’t have the resources to create an image respostorty and have some one curate it. There would be nothing to stop someone from posting inappropriate images, or images that were so large as to compromise the response of this site. can host your image for free.

There are add-ons for esoTalk to allow inline images and attachments…

moot point, since Xojo isn’t using them