Request: Please add the release name to the title bar

Some proyects cant be compiled with all the releases, I have at least 3 different Xojo releases installed at a time. (For example, I’m working in an app for RaspBerry, The GUI elements are broken since 2017 and still broken on 2018 R1, so, back to 2016)

Please add the release name to the Window’s Title, this easy and simple request will save a lot of time checking in the Help -> About, to be shure I’m in the correct release.

Now the Title is: Xojo - [Project name]

Please add the release name: Xojo 2018 r1.1 - [Project name]

Case 52047 to be Ranked if someone also needs this

Any such request isn’t going to help with already released versions… so being able to tell from the titlebar that its a 2016 or 2017 release will never happen.

If we did not make first step, then there is no future…
One I can’t understand - why most acts to suggestions so critically? Instead of whining and bandying, maybe it’s better to think first and then do?
Yes - it’s obvious that older releases stay without release numbers, but I hope long live to Xojo. Are you in opposite meaning, @Dave S?

I was NOT being critical… I was simply pointing out that should Xojo decide to make such a change. it would NOT be retroactive.
Which seems to be what the OP was wanting to happen. No “whining”… just statement of fact

But can’t you see ahead? By my thinking it must be one of “must to be” qualification for programmers…

I have NO idea what you are talking about… I never said it was not a good idea… I said it could not/would not be applied to existing versions… that and nothing more… yet you seem to be reading quite a lot into this… things I did not say, nor infer.

On OSX, I rename the app and add the version. Works great in the dock and with various Launchers.

But you never said that this is a very good idea. Instead you just said only that is obvious anyway and therefore it seems at least for me little bit disdainful. Yes - I know - it’s very hard to praise. Much easier is to be wiseacre…
Hope you got idea now…

A very good idea. I rename the Xojo versions always because I usually work with multiple versions, too. I got into the habit of having only one version open after I mixed up the Xojo versions.

First thing I do after downloading the new version …

The IDE version is encoded in the header of projects. So it should be possible to do what the OP requests.

I remember something that add the version number in the Xojo Project icon. Am I the only one to (badly) recall that ?

I remember only that because I do not needed it (but it was/is a good idea): I only use one Xojo version (the current is fired only for error bug/checkings).

Xojo have so many things to do / so few time to implement them, so, before asking something, do the balance between how good what you want is vs what they have in their plates to do.

Sorry, but implement this request (adding version number to Xojo IDE window’s title) did not take more than 5 minutes. There is no need to add version number to Xojo project icon as Xojo projects are in some way compatible with different versions. And also Pedro did not suggested that at all. This is again just a dissemble. :slight_smile:
And yes - this 5 minute work will be very very useful, if you work with different versions of Xojo…

Unfortunately there is no good about that at least in Windows, as if you double-click to Xojo or even RealBasic project, then it will be opened with lastly installed Xojo. Therefore it would be nice to have that little title feature, requested by Pedro…

It is already implemented. Search in this forum.

Now, what people usually wrote here is the result of years (20 for some of us) of REALbasic, Real Studio, Xojo “use”.

a.k.a. the criterias to include a new feature is not “this takes only 5 minutes” at 1 exception case (this arrive only once in 20 years). So I will not hold my breath until this will be implemented).

Now, you have all rights to dream and me to be pessimistic on that subject ! :wink:

I asked for this back in March 2017 <>

There is a big red label on the dock icon for betas, but honestly that’s all we need. Adding the version to the title bar offers you no advantages. I work with many more than just three versions of Xojo, so I never know what version has broken what features. One of the things that can be done to combat building with the wrong version is use the compiler constants to check and remind:

[code]#if XojoVersion = 2018.1 and TargetWindows then
#pragma Error “Graphics.Clip is not working when printing, so don’t build with 2018r1”


This is my official vote against making the title bar tacky (Mac).

Edit: I’ve just seen that Robin has said (via #47408) it’s on the bottom bar in the internal versions, this location would be okay.

Not in windows, and not for released versions :frowning:

The only reason I’d like to have it is because I often end up with 3-4 different versions of Xojo running to test how things operate between the different versions. As I’m doing this I’m alt-tabbing between the versions and there’s no way to know which one I’m currently on without going to Help>About Xojo every time I change to a different version. I can do this hundreds of times an hour when working on a bug that ultimately helps Xojo, that time saving alone for me would be huge.

Leaving as an advanced option somewhere to turn on in a file or registry entry would be fine if you didn’t want to increase the tack levels :wink:

MBS QuickLook Plugin in the forum.

On the other hand, what is the Xojo (the Company) advantage to spend time with that ?

At last, even if this is implemented in 2018r2, how many release does it take to be of any use for the folks who “need" it ? (sorry, I consider this as a bad answer).

Imagine, the company use PopOver for the IDE, but they do not give it to us… :frowning: