Request for ideas

Marc Zeedar and I are discussing the possibility of me writing a regular database column. If you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like me to cover please PM me. I will entertain any idea.



Start with the basics and get into the more complicated later

  • the classes in Xojo: Database, PreparedStatement, RecordSet, RowSet, DatabaseCursor: who does what
  • Create/Open SQLit database, create a field, add a record and read it later.
  • Connect to mySQL, Postgres, MS SQL, ODBC database. How it works.
  • Connect to other databases via MBS Plugin :slight_smile:
  • How do prepared statements work. Differences for different databases.
  • How transactions work
  • How to use indexes in SQL
  • Advanced SQL commands with e.g. subqueries, SQL functions
  • Calling stored procedures
  • Various data types in SQL, their limits, what to use.
  • What is NULL? Why to use, caveats and consequences.
  • Handling errors, avoiding pitfalls.

Okay. That may do for the first 2 years.

about this database, everything is better to be written lowercase at design^^
Postgres have “returning” that is very nice to return the id from new record at insert.
Postgres have large objects (oid) to store images or files.

As well as the technical stuff mentioned already I think a series of tutorials/articles about best practice on how to design your UI - listboxes, lazy loading, etc.

Just a suggestion, name your series “The Blob: article title.” A three way reference to the movie "The Blob,” play on the word “Blog” and the obvious reference to database terminology.


Sounds cool. Love that movie. The original.

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in some time you have to deal with migrations and ORM, please take a look on ActiveRecord and ARGen

if you think about it and is ambitious, you need is a form of persistent storage, with new services like NoSQL and web-services, how about one API for all this forms of persistence?

Agree - was going to suggest a practical example of using ARGEN given that it has very recently been open-sourced.

Only if I can get a compiled version. I don’t feel like messing around with doing that.

@Vince_Du_Beau messing around with what ?

Having to compile it myself.