Reproducible Error #502 HTTP error #400 in feedback

I just put in feedback <> and went to put in another ticket for a similar issue with a slightly different option as I know Xojo like us to split up our feedback tickets.

So I created a new ticket and copy/pasted everything and made a few tweaks and submitted only to receive:

Error #502: Connection did not complete due to HTTP error #400

I thought, ok, transient problem (they happen often in feedback) so I loaded it back up and repeated the process, only to receive the error again.

So third time lucky? This time I recorded it… here

The odd thing is that feedback 50227 went in ok, and I cant believe that there is that much difference between the two tickets to cause this issue, unless there is something in the body of the ticket (that we cant see) that has been copied across that the back end doesnt like.

Actually, give me a sec, I’ll try copying the text via notepad to strip any dodgy invisible formatting problems.

Well what do you know, that worked, <>

It looks like something is being put into the body of the ticket when copy/paste is used that the backend doesnt like, which throws the error 400.

That might be worth looking in to, I’ll keep this on the forums as well so people might use the knowledge to get around their own feedback errors.