Hi (PostgreSQL)
When i run the Reports View and the data is add to the DataBase using TextArea and have multiple lines it does not show the complete data on the reports

Report lines do not have the ability to auto grow in height. I reported this in Sept 2009. feedback://showreport?report_id=9203

So no fix

any work around for this

Befor inserting in the Data Base or at Report reading time, remove the EndOfLine character and replace it with two spaces ?

Pay Xojo for the Fix ?

Change the height of the Report field where this Column appears ?

i add this but no works
Db.Column(“jobs”)=Replace(TxtJobs.Text,EndOfLine," ")

This statement is wrong. People could pay Xojo for priority support, customizations, not fixing things, fixing things is a duty. As the pointed case can be classified as an enhancement, and not really a broken thing, the “to fix” could be changed to “to implement” thus making the statement correct. Fixing things is paid through the licensing.

if you’re right then they are wrong because the more people recommend to clients to XOJO more licensing sales .

Look VB6.0 so popular way because it works.

i love to see XOJO at the same point of VB6.0.

if i do not see this year at least close to what is vb I will move to open source like java, xcode because if i have to works more bugs then i go to free IDE.

This Works
Db.Column(“jobs”)=Replace(TxtJobs.Text,Chr(13)," ")

Xojo has a free IDE. What you pay for is binary distribution of compiled applications :slight_smile:

yes i now that

Open Source is free for binary distribution.

but i think XOJO is good but need 100% go to Bugs Fix and then you see how big it grow i love to see this for the Best of XOJO

i am 100% with XOJO Team Dev but show that power of works.

Guys its currently raked at 269, Vote it up and they will “Fix”.

Wait… I just voted for it and it jumped to 121. Guess 1 vote does count.