Reports unusable with release 2014 r.3 and 2014 3.1 just released

Try you too.
Submitted a Report
In the report submitted a Report label
When you reopen in editing the label is gone!!!
Possible with the 3.1 release will not have noticed bugs?
For the reports we must return to 2014 release 2.1?
Use Win7

A bug report would be useful
So far I’m unable to reproduce this
I know there is an issue going from 2014r3 back to 2014r2.1 and forward
2014r2.1 incorrectly saves the size & positions of most things to do with a report as strings where 2014r3 correctly uses doubles
So if you create a report in 2014r3 and try to open it in 2014r2.1 everything will show up as 0 sized because 2014r2.1 and prior doesn’t read the sizes properly

Hello, I wrote a bug report.
@Massimo: Did you try to save the project in the „Xojo Project“ format? I see this bug when saving in the „Xojo binary project“ or „Xojo xml project“ format.

FYI - I tried all 3 formats in 2014r3.1

Thanks Christian
I have verified that the bug is present only if you save in xojo_binary_project and in xojo_xml_project

two reports which are both symptoms of the same bug
37589 and 37587