Reports not available in Web projects ?


I watched a presentation called Reporting and Printing in Xojo. It’s from 2014 and Paul says that reports are not available in Web projects and added there is no report designer available in Web apps.


Unfortunately this is true.

With BKS Shorts you can have a desktop report designer and use the report definition in a web app. But as far as I know there is no such thing as a native Xojo web app report designer.

You might want to do a search for Jasper Reports. I think some folks have gotten it to work with Xojo.

We use an editor like TinyMCE to create the reports as HTML. With this you are very free to design your reports.

You can then show your Reports in the editor or in a HTMLViewer.

We then use WkHTMLtoPDF for converting the HTML-report into PDF.

The basic feature of PDF capabilities is always requested here. I think that there’s a 10 years old, always postponed request, in the Feedback system.

@Lars Lehmann

Interesting, can you expand more on how you do that ?


Maybe with Web2 API reports will be brought to Web apps.

If this comes, I also expect ZIP compression and PDF creation for desktop too, as all the libs I see, like PODOFO ( PoDoFo download | ) requires the ZLib compression lib too.

So I doubt it, at least in a first release.

@Bob Keeney

Can BKS Report Studio be integrated with Xojo ? I don’t find the answer on you site ?


BKS Shorts is what is running Report Studio. So you can integrate the Report Designer and Report Viewer into a Desktop app. Web apps have their own version of Report Viewer (html) but it cannot do the Designer.

@Bob Keeney

I a mixed up here. I watched a presentation of BKS Shorts at where the presenter says that it does not work with Web apps.

Does that mean that for Web apps one need to use Report Studio to create the report and use Shorts to be able to create the reports in a Web app plus MBS plugin to be able to create PDF ? Or is it something else ?


Shorts comes with two projects. One for Xojo desktop that includes the Report Designer and Viewer that’s used in Report Studio. The 2nd project is a Xojo web project that only has the report viewer.

What we’ve done with a number of projects is create a desktop project that’s specific to the project/database that allows it to save the report definition into a JSON string that’s either used in a file or database record. Import the report definition to the web project (either upload the file or insert the data into a Reports table) and thus it can be used by the web app.

Hope that makes sense.