how i can made a DataSet

Field(“Name”) and then the Data=“My Name Is”
Field(“Price”) and then the Data=“10.00”

any examples

I did not understand the request. Elaborate a bit more, please. Try asking freely in your native language channel too (when possible).


i need to made a dataset with a text string

string=“Honda,Turbines” << My Data
String=“AutoType,Engine” << field on the Report
so how i use the dataset to add this String for the Reports to Works on the body report

Right now I can imagine 2 possibilities, one easy with a processing cost, and one better but harder to implement.

The easy one is returning the contents on the query like: SELECT “NAME=”+username AS NAMETEXT FROM TABLE

The harder is subclassing Dataset and making adjustments to return the contents with the extra data.

For SQLite the concatenation operator is " || ", just in case.

The data is from textarea with split by chr(13)

Use a Class with Dataset Interface. Check Section 3 - Displaying Data and Printing Reports.
UserGuide-Framework.pdf (~page 141)


Thank you Rick.

thanks i have this working