Report Question

Hey all,

I’m starting to work on my first report in one of my apps and have a question regarding the layout…

I have what are effectively two sets of repeating data that I want printed on the report. But I can only figure out how to display one set of the data with the report. I thought I could use the groups to break up the data into two sections on the body of the report but that doesn’t work.

Here’s an example of text data (and it may not format correctly but you’ll get the idea)

Device Configuration:

Switch Port     Device Name        IP Address/Subnet          Gateway
    P2                 Device 1      /
    P3                 Device 2      /
    P4                 Device 3      /

VLAN Configuration:

Default Gateway is

VLAN Name            VLAN ID                         VLAN IP/Subnet
Name 1                      2          /
Name 2                      10               /
Name 3                      11                   /
Name 4                      12.                 /

So how can I put two sets of repeating data like this into the same report page? I really need to be able to break up the body into two parts, but groups just add additional headers and don’t appear to have two discrete groups of data on the page. There must be a way to do this somehow…



do the group on sql statement no in the Report

Not sure what you mean. And I’m not going to be pulling this information from a database. Rather, I’ll be creating a dataset based on what the user has entered during the operation of the program.

So I have two different unique sets of data that I need to display on the page. I’m not sure how grouping them in a SQL statement would help even if I was using a database…

Dim RsGroup01 as database
Dim RsGroup02 as database

then dataset1=RsGroup01
then dataset2=RsGroup02

[quote=113063:@Alexis Colon Lugo]Dim RsGroup01 as database
Dim RsGroup02 as database

then dataset1=RsGroup01
then dataset2=RsGroup02[/quote]

That still doesn’t answer my question on how to display two different repeating datasets on the same report. I get what you are saying. But when you lay out a report, the way it’s laid out with the headers and fields and how things repeat in the body of the report, it doesn’t allow for two different sections of repeating data.

I don’t have any issue with getting the data into the report. It’s the report layout I am having troubles with…

you can use a 3 datasets and add the data off the two and display the dataset 3

add the data from dataset1 and dataset2 to dataset3 and show the dataset 3 on the reports

Alexis, I don’t think you are grasping what I am asking . Sorry but it’s not helping. I need someone who can help me know how to lay out the report. Thanks for trying to help.

you want to print two groups of data in the same report

the easy way is Valentina Reports.

i trait the grouping one time and no work fine so i buy Valentina Reports

OK. Again, thank you for your attempts to help. I’m not interested in purchasing Valentina Reports for this.

Can someone who knows how to layout reports in Xojo please assist me?

I would suggest using the graphics class to send the report directly to the users printer.
The built in report writer doesn’t give many options.

no problem
if you get it to works let me now i have the same problems

[quote=113077:@Johnny Harris]I would suggest using the graphics class to send the report directly to the users printer.
The built in report writer doesn’t give many options.[/quote]

That’s assuming they want to print and not just display the data/save it to a file.

Then draw the data to a picture and display the picture in a canvas on preview window. If they want to print the report then send it to the printer.

I honestly think your going to have problems trying to do what you need with the report writer.

I looks like you need sub-reports, but I don’t think the report write has the ability to do sub-reports.

as I said before I have it working using like 4 datasets one by one and then add to the one is the display data on the Reports.

if you use the graphics object is more works.

you have to think you’re drawing on the report that the report is not grabbing his work

I never did get use to the built in reporting tool.

in a few applications I have written in the past, I found that dumping the data to XML and coupling it with XLST to transform to HTML gave me a lot of flexibility. You could then display the report in an HTMLViewer.

As far as save options, you can save it as HTML or you can use the save as pdf (if mac) option or something like wkhtmltopdf.

now a days, I use bkShorts for reports with dynaPDF.

Rich, how do u dump the data to XML and how do u use XLST to transform to HTML?? currently i use the recordset and loop through the recordset and create html code and the show in htmlviewer