Report move to next record


i have a report Listbox with the first column as type checkbox.
now i only want to print those entries with the checkbox marked as checked.

How can i skip/move to next record when the checkbox is not checked?

if Window1.list.CellCheckBoxStateAt(mRow,0)=DesktopCheckBox.VisualStates.Checked then
  Select Case name
  Case "quantity"
    return Self.celltextat(mRow, 1)
  Case "pnc"
    return Self.celltextat(mRow, 2)
  Case "description"
    return Self.celltextat(mRow, 3)
  Case "model"
    return Self.celltextat(mRow, 4)
  Case "barcode"
    return Self.CellTagat(mRow, 5)
  Case "adress"
    return self.celltextat(mRow, 5)
    Return ""
  End Select
end if


i could put all entries with marked checkbox to an array and use that as a dataset for printing but i would like to know if works in any other way…

That’s the answer if you don’t have a field in the database associated with the selected state or don’t wish to apply data changes.