Report - image from a file

Rather than storing the image in the SQLite db, I use the filename of the image. This works fine in a canvas print method to display and/or print the image
directly from the main window. However, in the report editor, the picture item only allows you to include the data field of the picture/image. Is it possible or how
would you populate the ‘picture’ using the FolderItem pointed to by the name of the image in the database. I don’t really want to include and bloat the database
with blob data.

You can always create a New Picture and then use OpenAsPicture to create the pic from your folderitem, but, IMHO, storing the pic in your DB is the safer and easier way to go. DBs are designed to handle large amounts of data and I believe your worries about bloating are without merit.

Thanks Roger. Beginning to see that as well. Not being totally familiar with the syntax for SQLite within Xojo… I would have a need to allow the user to update images. What would be the syntax of the sql statement which would update a binary field type with a different image?

Roger, I’m moving this conversation to the database thread of the forum.

rec = New DatabaseRecord rec.PictureColumn("piccolumn") = thePic

You update the blob column with a databaserecord just like any other column.

how to store image in sqlite database in xojo ios

SQL is the same. Use the BLOB column