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Hi Guys,
I am making a report which pulls data from a query. My question is, is there anything special to print in the footer area from the sqllite db? I put a textbox and specify the column name where to pull the data from and it does not show up in the footer; however, if i move that textbox to the header, it prints. Any ideas?

Thank You

You shouldn’t use Report Footer since Xojo’s Report Engine is very buggy. Footers won’t drawn correctly. This is know over a decade, sadly.

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How would you print what follows the details? Is there any other tools I can use inside Xojo that you recommend? I was looking into dbReports. This is for a windows desktop application using a SQLlite database that I am writing as practice since I am new to xojo.

What type of reports do you want to create? There is Valentina Reports which you can use with SQLite. I have simple html data that I only need to transform into PDF.

I need a 1 page invoice. header with the bill to info, detail with items and price and footer with totals. I am doing this for my brother in law as a xojo practice. Is there any less expensive solution you recommend as for now, I am doing this out of my own pocket

Which platform do you need? As you only need to help your brother-in-law you can do automation with a serial letter in Word (Mac and Windows) or Numbers (Mac).

I am doing this for Windows

If you are using 2020r1 or later, you can use PdfDocument object to create your invoice. I create very complicated invoices with it. There is an example project in Xojo examples.

Thank you everyone for your inputs. I ended up using DBReport by Bernardo Monsalve. Very affordable, easy to use and I like that I can have the option to have the user change the design.