report footer print from top?

Hi all,

I come from Visual FoxPro. In VFP the report footer worked a little differently. It started printing from the top, unlike xojo which prints from the bottom.
(hold on, there is a question coming soon)
For example, page header prints at top for the height of the page header (both VFP and XOJO)
Detail band prints directly from where header ends repeating any multiple records (both VFP and XOJO)
In VFP - Prints from the top of the footer band directly where details band ends.
In XOJO - Prints from bottom of page.

I can see that Xojo is probably correct as it is a footer, however, I need it to print like in VFP for the following reason (unless there is any other suggestions)

In my report, I am printing a table. In the header I have a box drawn with lines down and text labels to recreate a header of a table.
In the details band I have a box with the top cut off and aligned so it will continually print each record adding to the table.
In the footer I have a box with the top cut off like in the details band, but with totals column.


Description | Quantity | Price |
Item 1 |1 | 25 |
Item 2 | 3 | 15 |
Total | | 70 |

The total line is in Bold and the text aligned right as opposed to the rest of the table which is not bold and left aligned.

In Xojo the totals line is printed at the bottom of the page, in VFP it is printed directly under the table completing it off.

Any ideas of what i might be able to do to replicate the VFP style of printing?
I could probably make this work if i could select that the last record printed in the recordset is to be bolded and text aligned to the right. But I don’t think that can be done?


I found it.

In the toolbar there is an option for ‘adds a new group section around the body’ looks like 2 folders with a plus symbol.
This adds a header, footer for the details band. Both printing as I wanted.

There is no option to add this from inspector or menubar, which is why it took me so long to find it.