Report Example

Is this possible to make a Xojo Report?
But instead of link it to a database link it to a listbox.

My idea is to make an Invoice in PDF Format with a QR Code on the top Left corner.

Any ideas?

Use DynaPDF from MBS or wkHTMLToPDF. View the PDF on screen or allow the user to open it in the OS PDF reader.

Hola gerardo mira al DBReport de Monsalve, muy buengenerador de reports. Te lo recomiendo. Saludos.

Xojo reports can use anything as a data source, not just a database. This example included with Xojo shows how to use a ListBox as the data source:

Examples/Printing and Reporting/Reporting/ListBoxReport

Gerardo, e-mail me at harriew at frontiernet dot net and I will send you a project that shows how to set everything up to report from a listbox. It is easy once you see how things are done, but can be tricky to figure out that first time. A sample file and explanation of everything that was done is included.