Report cuts off when printing

Hi. I’m using the Xojo reporting tool for a simple report. It’s set up with categories and lists several items under each then totals the group. When I print, it seems to be cutting off some of the data at the end of the page, and the following page does not pick up where the previous left off. I checked out the examples, and the Breaking List of Orders example actually does the same from the first page to the second. I can see this in the Xojo example because it leaves off with two orders on the first page and the group total on the second, but when you add up the two, they do not amount to the group total on page 2. Does anyone know how to correct this?

In Windows when the Page Setup dialogue appears, change all of the Margins (inches) :

Left = 0
Top = 0
Right = 0
Bottom = 0

This should show most of the data at the end of the pages in a report.

The Mac seems to have different default margins.

This was originally reported as feedback report 20840,

That does the trick! Thanks Eugene. The report is actually cut off quite a bit. I tried it on the Breaking List of Orders example, and there was a whole other category that was missing when the margins are set to 1! Yikes!