Report Customization

Hi all,

I have a Windows desktop app written in Clarion in which I can customize the printout format for my customers. At the moment, I am writing these customized reports in a separate app and compile them into dlls (all dlls are in the same name) and let the main app to call. That is to say, every customer has my main app + one customized dll, but every customer can has different printout format.

Any suggestion if I am going to do the same thing with Xojo for both desktop and web app?

Hi Tony,

i think it should be possible to do this in Xojo…

The Best Report Tool for XOJO (Desktop and Web) i know is Shorts by BKeeney Software. Also Combit List an Label (only Windows) perhaps is good for your solution. With these tools you can create the Reports.

For PDF Creation also Christian Schmitz by Monkeybread has good Tools.

But i’m not clear at all what is your goal with XOJO. Do you want to create the whole solution in Xojo or only substitute a part of your existing solution.

If you are only looking in a solution for customizing the Report Stuff from your main app at runtime then perhaps look for Xojo Script.

Only my spontaneous ideas :slight_smile:

Greetings Björn

Just to add additional information about BKeeney Shorts. Shorts has a Report Designer component that you can embed in your desktop applications. It allows your customers to create their own reports from the supported databases. You get to control which tables/views the user sees so you can keep them out of data they don’t need to see.

Web applications can run the reports but there is no report designer. These are exported to HTML for display within the web app so there is some slight differences in how HTML displays vs what the PDF output is.

Speaking of PDF output, we are using DynaPDF from Monkeybread so you’ll have to purchase the starter kit from them to get PDF output.

Demo’s, pricing, etc at

Depends how you define the report layout.
If the DLL actually does the whole thing, and is a C dll, you can call it from Xojo just as you do now.

Xojo cannot create DLLs

So if you rewrite the reporting in Xojo, I suggest the best method of customisation would be to create an XML format that defines the layout, and distribute a custom XML file to each customer.
It doesnt need to be human-readable if you want to hide what it is doing: zip it, encodebase64…?