Report columning

Hello everyone, I have to prepare a report to print the invoices.
In the PageHeader section I have included, among other things, the column headings (article, description, quantity, etc.) and I have drawn the columning using Report Line. I also designed the columning in the Body section, and also in the GroupFooter section.
Theoretically I would have drawn them in the PageFooter, but the problem is that, once the GroupFooter is printed, the space between the GroupFooter and the PageFooter remains inexorably white, and I do not know how to print the columning even in this space.
Does anyone have any ideas about it?
Thanks, good weekend.

No suggestions?

well the problem is that the Report module is far from being finished at least … so most of us here ended writing their own printing routines (or sell them like commercial bob’s Short) and so if you find a bug in the Xojo reports, all you can do is fill a bug request…
sorry not to help on this one.

Ok, at least I stop thinking an internal solution.
Thank you, Jean-Yves (merci beaucoup!)