report and textfield

I have created a multiple textfields to collect data and how can use the collected data to print out in a formatted display.
Isn’t the “Report” suppose to do that?

Please advice. Thank you very much

A report generates a formatted display as a Graphics object that can be displayed in your app or printed. Examples of how to do this are in User Guide Book 3: Framework: Printing and Reports chapter.

There are also several sample projects included in the Xojo examples. Select “Printing and Reporting” from the list of examples in the Project Chooser.

I have seen them but they are showing mainly databases and report.
How can we use textfield that have user input and displaying it in the report for printing?


Report data can come from anywhere. The DataSet interface can be used to allow any class you create to provide data to a report. I believe one of the example projects demonstrates this using a text file.

I will look ay it again. Thank you very much.